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  • Jealousy

    This feeling
    It's wriggling inside of you
    This dark feeling
    It's eating from inside you

    You wish to be like someone else
    But you cannot, though you tried
    Instead, this feeling takes control of you
    You want him to suffer and die

    This feeling
    It wants to break free from you
    This vicious feeling
    It is the demon within you

    You desire to do what the others do
    But you had failed to even do so
    Instead, the monster lurking inside
    Will leave its mark, as the inner rage grows

    Get control
    Have control
    Keep control
    Losing control
    Loss of self-control

    Achievements, life-changing moments
    You never had the chance to feel what its like
    And now, the monster inside to be evoked
    You want everyone to suffer and die
    To satisfy this dark, vicious feeling
    Forever controlling you

  • #2
    Quite a description of the green eyed monster, nurtured to rage.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      It definitely is D: