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Wisdom of Stones

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  • Wisdom of Stones

    Virtues lie within
    Commingling with a profound silence
    Dragged down from the celestial spheres

    In rumination
    With so much time on their hands
    They remember their lives as bright tongues

    When the world was full
    Of volcanic smoke and fire
    And first life hid in cells in ocean vents

    Now we walk on them
    Or past their relatives without much notice
    Rock faces cut out of high mountains

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    All poetry makes me think, some make me think more deeply. This verse is the latter.
    As I read, I concidered the peolpe around me. I wondered about the stone from which they were carved. I wondered about the ancient forces that have for generatons mutated to make them possible, to make me possible, to make you possible. High mountains climbed and forgotton. Here we are, todays rocks, tomorrows mountains, built on an eternal foundation

    Thanks for the stimulation


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      Tanner, I will never look at a stone the same way again!
      It reminds me, that we are all mortal, temporary and infernal, all at once!


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        rhymetime and DWAYNE, Thank you for your visit and insights. The universe is in constant evolution. We must keep our eyes open and cherish our time here. I think there is an eternity in Now; in our cherished Moments that we must dwell in; so much around us is irrelevant AND unimportant to us and our poetic souls.


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          You draw poetry from stones! Real magic.


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            Tanner I am taken with your stones a reflection on mortality with an object not alive the magic is in you not the stones


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              and so, as kinsmen met a night,
              we talked between the rooms.
              until the moss had reached the lips
              and covered up the names.

              e.Dickinson ©


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                There is a profundity and simplicity in this comparison Tanner. It touched me.