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I Don't Need You

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  • I Don't Need You

    The ghost of my distant past
    Comes without a sound
    The face of betrayal
    Who made things run aground

    The eyes only say one thing:
    "I want to be part of your life"
    The smile gleams with light
    As if things would be fine

    The soul of dishonesty
    With not many words to say
    Divorced relations
    It will always be this way

    The man who destroyed it all
    With no thought in mind
    You are nothing, bury your head
    You are humanity's blight

    You are a thing of the past
    You are the worst I've ever met
    You've done nothing for me
    Too late to feel regrets

    I don't need you
    And why should I?
    To be with a traitor
    I'd rather die

    The first time, another time
    In a space of months and years
    My pleas and my demands
    Fall on deaf ears

    Your pitiful words
    Your hopeless prayers
    You can just disappear
    For all I care

    Relating to a "father" who walked out from my life, on that harsh winter's day... then to have the cheek to return.
    As if I'd welcome you back with open arms, you pathetic human being.

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    i feel this way to those whom were once closest to me, whom i had adored. they lack the curiousity to find love in anything but themselves, and condescend to tell a Poet s/he is selfish.

    this is a Poem about Selfhood! thank-ee.


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      Strong write, Bry. A hard subject that you were strong enough to turn into a good poem. Good for you!


      • Bry89
        Bry89 commented
        Editing a comment
        It wasn't that hard, to be honest. I knew I needed to put my thoughts across. Thanks for your feedback

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      Very well done Bry and a good way to express yourself.