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  • Distance

    This face
    That I've known for such a long time
    Even though we may never see each other
    I can feel you as if you are with me
    The warmth that your own presence gives
    Keeps my spirits up and these emotions at bay
    And I thank you for just being there, with me

    This distance
    Between you and I
    Not like it matters anyway
    As long as I know you're always there
    Like planets we are far apart
    But something special has brought us near
    You were the one for me right from the start
    And as long as we can stay together
    Friendship and love could last forever

    This smile
    That I've not seen for god knows how long
    It may be just static but to me it has its glow
    Like heaven's sun to burn away all my hate
    But it's a masquerade, somewhere I hear you crying
    And I seem to know what is wrong but if only I was here
    By your side, where I can always be there, with you

    Don't think you are alone to suffer in this fog
    Don't think you're left to fight this battle alone
    When I can come and save you from your fear
    Don't say that you're not of any worth
    Never let the world's darkness get the best of you
    When I can be there for you, with you, always
    And when the time can finally come, one can hope
    We can walk towards the sunset and into a new world
    Away from it all, with just yourself and I
    For our bonds to firmly intertwine
    And never to let go

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    Friends and lovers - where miles are meaningless. Nicely done Bry89 - reads like lyrics to me.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      It certainly does - with a VNV Nation vibe to it I'd suggest you to listen to one of their songs, titled "Radio", to get the feel of it that was in my head when I wrote this