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  • Foam

    You left me foaming
    Imprint left on my life
    Moulded for comfort

    Wearing your absence
    Like a shroud
    I mourn a loss
    Of a life moved on

    Dependable become
    You dreams scream
    Within me

    Good wishes
    Bring a guilty smile
    Your fantasies
    No longer mine to share

    I will burn
    The memory foam
    Only then I dfscover
    Its fire retardent

  • #2
    That last paragraph is exceptional.
    The whole poem really, is excellent.


    • #3
      Sorry Jon. This is real life. So raw and sincere.


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        Yes. Bobby picked the right word for your poetry. Sometimes witty or wise or funny or inspiring. But always sincere!


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          lunar glide Bobby Del Boy DWAYNE This the completion of a poem conceived about 4 years agoI found it whilst compiling some of my poems fo self publication and thought to finiish it. The rawness was real but is past. Thank you for your kind words


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            Jon, as we all know about you, your rawness always turns into resilience


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              Perfect love poem. Just the right blend of sadness and anger. I wonder how you might have finished it had you done so when you fist concieved it.

              The second verse was especially poingant for me


              • Parkinsonspoet
                Parkinsonspoet commented
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                I don't know how i would have finished but possibly more anger. I do have fragments of poems sometimes completely forgotten then discoveredThank you for the empathy

              • rhymetime
                rhymetime commented
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                I suspected that more anger might be your response. I sometimes fear the fragments of old thoughts and wonder if they can be completed with the emotional honesty with which they were concieved. I too have many fragments.
                Love and respect to you my friend

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              Some nice turns of alliteration and internal rhyme in this clear-eyed reflection on love lost.


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                It may have been from years ago - but the power inherent is present day. 'Dependable become expendable - your dreams scream within me...your fantasies no longer mine to share.' The ache is palpable.