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    Out on the moor, the withered moor,
    Where wild bracken twisted grows,
    Where reigning Silence swift Time froze,
    Thou’lt find me wandering on the Tor

    Fair beauty wraps the barren heath
    Above my head the ravens fly
    A-winging o’er the ancient wreath
    Of weathered stones beneath the sky

    And Life’s repose in longing breath
    Has stilled my heart. With wonder, I
    Gaze at the stones that even Death
    Has, with his sombre tread, passed by

    O, place of Freedom, land of lore,
    Each heartbeat I of thee grow fonder!
    Thus shall I, enchanted, wander
    Ever on the Tor

    I had the opportunity to visit Dartmoor during a recent trip to England (my first real visit), and I fell in love with the moor. This was a poem I wrote whilst there; it was actually written on top of Hound Tor, during the sunset.
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    very nice. I like the diction, and, a tip to Blake? thanks, good job.


    • N. Y. Sonnet
      N. Y. Sonnet commented
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      Thank you! I wasn't trying to write it like Blake, but I've read so much poetry (and not just from Blake, but from the other classic poets as well) over the last few years, that my mind probably unconsciously wrote it similarly. At least, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      it wasn't as if a rip-off happened; 'barren heath', you know... Rintrah! rawr!!!

      I loved it and believe Blake would be very proud. truly.


    • N. Y. Sonnet
      N. Y. Sonnet commented
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      Thank you!
      Ha, I hadn't read that particular poem of Blake's before...

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    Thank you, Muttado1sb , RhymeLovingWriter , and AnatoliyS for the likes!


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      just noticed the rhyme scheme, too, and ... slant rhymes alternating? I never know the diff. between half rhymes n stuff. or whatever, it confuses me! I just know we all gotta work on that orange poem...