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This is How Much I Love my Wife!!!!!!

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  • This is How Much I Love my Wife!!!!!!

    Mini Me Bob.jpg
    Each Morn in the Dungeon it Always greets Me,
    this Plastered Monster – My own “Mini Me.”
    Unfortunately this Was no Sexual Spree,
    but Project she Did for her Master’s Degree.

    I did not Ask – just Did what was Told,
    no way could I Know was ‘Bout to Unfold.
    First bought the Vaseline – numerous Jars,
    the Clerk at the Store thought we Were from Mars.

    Next came the Plaster and Miles of White Mesh,
    like Where was my Sanity – anyone’s Guess?
    Then sat In a Chair - Shorts only Protection,
    then Covered me over with Not much Affection.

    Took almost a Week to Wash the goop Out,
    and Many a Mornings I’d just Scream and Shout.
    Would do it Again – a Big Fat “No Way,”
    the Grade that she Got a Well Deserved “A.”

    Now It sits Lonely in that Rocking Chair,
    like Scary Monsters is Losing its Hair.
    It’s falling Apart – its Arm has a Tear,
    but like “Mini Me” – I’m no Worse for Wear.
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    Might be a little bit too much love, Bob, if you agreed to THIS!


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      Well - we are still together after 50 years and this humiliation - confession rhyme is good for the soul.


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        The things we do for love! And looked how it in turned spawned creativity for you. Nice, Bob!


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          Haha i need to get on your workout plan.


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            My wife was teaching at the time - took night classes to get her masters. I still don't know what part of her program this was for - I can't see her doing this to any of her students? However, the instructors liked it so much that they had her bring it to class numerous occasions. She put it in the front seat of our car - said "Bob" got some interesting looks but caused no wrecks.


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              How creepy - I love it!


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                Sure was a little creepy - looking from the inside/out.