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  • e. dickinson · I will tell you

    I'll tell you how the sun rose,--
    A ribbon at a time.
    The steeples swam in amethyst,
    The news like squirrels ran.
    The hills untied their bonnets,
    The bobolinks begun.
    Then I said softly to myself,
    "That must have been the sun!"

    But how he set, I know not.
    There seemed a purple stile
    Which little yellow boys and girls
    Were climbing all the while
    Till when they reached the other side,
    A dominie in gray
    Put gently up the evening bars,
    And led the flock away.

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    I love Dickinson, and this is beautifully composed, resembling her style, amenOra ! Would love to read more of the same!


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      this Is her poem lol! I am flattered too


      • AnatoliyS
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        No wonder it resembles her style! I have read only about 30 of her poems in the anthology I have.

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      I have a poem that resembles her style, ill show you... h.o.


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        What gasping from the star that broke I settled in your name
        Becomes the delete all mistake default thing in the blame
        We watched the beauty as it ripped a wrench into our night
        While burning gazes softly play upon white plains of God

        there is more but I fidgeted, n I had to dictate on my microphone. its not so sensitive. thanks for stoppin by. be well.


        • AnatoliyS
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          I like this, thank you for sharing! If you could complete it, please share as a new thread, I would love to read it!

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        I wonder if we have the same little yellow book of her poems. I was gifted one from a rare bookstore. Her neighbor was a fine poet too.


        • amenOra
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          she used to lower packages of poems from her upmost window. ;x
          I dont like leaving Home, either...

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        does it have a study guide at the end?


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          amenOra sorry I missed this. Sensually appealing in every way. The squirrels scamper to spread the news, AmenOra top of the Queue!