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  • Hidden Figures

    Behind the scenes three geniuses worked
    three black women "computers in skirts"
    Recognized only by the color of their skin
    under appreciated because they weren't men

    Hired by NASA to work out calculations
    victims of our nation's racial segregation
    Mary Jackson, the first black engineer
    Kathryn Johnson, trajectory pioneer

    Dorothy Vaughn supervised the Math
    at the Langely Center, guiding NASA'S path
    Cloistered away in segregated offices
    three hidden figures, under NASA auspices

    "Forced to run miles across the Langely campus
    just to use the toilet, they "colored women" stamped us"
    Kathryn's brilliant knowledge helped her make allies
    became a vital member with flight team full of guys

    They would not be intimidated, they would not be denied
    they did it for the challenge, man's barriers were defied
    No longer "Hidden Figures", they've reaped their just rewards
    little black and white girls, a future to look towards

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    Great poem for a great story, Bobby! You handled it quite nicely!


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      Hello Bobby, Hidden is correct but never did they hide. To the forefront always and on a foundation of intellect, fairness and equality. Strong women of both mind and spirit as is this fine tribute of yours, solid in verse and fine rhyme. Well done indeed. Regards, Tony.


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        Muttado1sb thank you! They provided a great opportunity with their admirable life stories. I am happy to give them their due respect.


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          Tony Grannell you are correct. To hide and be hidden, let history make the distinction. Thanks for the look and read. Bottoms up!


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            We finally got to see this movie this past Sunday. These ladies - and all like them - are inspiring. It did make me angry though - that I'd never heard of them before or been taught of their contributions growing up. Why did it take so long to set this record straight? I know there has always been revisionism in our textbooks - and am becoming more and more aware of how widely we have to read and engage with people to even attempt a knowledge of diversity. But I'm grateful to have learned about them now. Thanks for the poem Bobby.


            • AnatoliyS
              AnatoliyS commented
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              Makes one wonder just how much the current history (even with all the modern inclusions) is still undertold, or worse, intentionally lied about!

            • RhymeLovingWriter
              RhymeLovingWriter commented
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              Oh yes. I homeschooled my youngest son and we found lots of interesting resources among older books. His favorite saying became (paraphrase) 'Well, you know, it's the victors that write the history books - from their own perspective.' I know I can never know everything, but it sure inspires me to keep learning, even when what I learn comes smack dab up against everything I've already been taught. That kinds of reminds me of your poetry actually...always seeking.

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            AnatoliySRhymeLovingWriter my wife is a history teacher can attest and does with her students. . Let's start with Columbus day for one. Because I have 3 daughters I will continue to tell these amazing women's stories. And, one day I will handle the sex trade trafficking. Thanks for adding your voices to this very important conversation.


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              Youve added your inspiring voice to this important piece of history!


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                lunar glide thanks for reading and commenting. Their story, like a great poem hidden in the queue of life, eventually gets the recognition it deserves.


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                  50 years ago today, American astronauts land on the moon. A good day to bring this one back and give the “Hidden Figures” the recognition they deserve.