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  • perfumed ambergris

    this night we glide at godspeed

    as moths to the moon

    toward our reflection
    mirrored in the eyes of Cassiopeia

    two across the hemispheres

    charioteers watch and covet
    while we alone
    pass goat horns filled
    with singing grain and flowers

    outstretched limbs
    forever in the Milky Way
    pulsing in sync with
    years of perfumed ambergris
    lead us to

    vaporescence of
    scented truth

    moth and moon
    my love,
    our lesson
    to see behind darkness

    our quiet wings light

    (inspired by a calm moth at my house, lunarglunar and the many moth poets Mhenry, Tanner and Grant Hayes)

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    I love the sound of your words, but am a little confused. I didn't know what 'ambergris' was - figuring probably some kind of flower - and went to research it and it says, 'an opaque, ash-colored secretion of the sperm whale intestine, usually found floating on the ocean or cast ashore: used in perfumery'. A substance from the whale intestine used in perfume - there are some strange things in this world of ours. I'd say you found one here.


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      our quiet wings light engaged! Now you are flying 😀


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        Wow! Suz-zen, this has all your hallmarks, honed to perfection - lyricism, fragrance, evanescence, elegant metaphor. A truly beautiful and moving work.


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          Beautiful, Suz-zen, from first line to last! Such a calm, lyrical loveliness!


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            OMG, ambergris! I am just writing a poem/song using ambergris, oud and orris in it. This is an exquisite write; you are an extremely talented poet at the height of her gifts. Your eloquence here
            is astonishing!


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              Eloquent expression of life's beauties.


              • Suz-zen
                Suz-zen commented
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                DWAYNE. Thank you reading this one and for your generosity in commenting. I am still not sure how these poem come. I have written one that I will post later... It may or may not make sense. Your encouragement is appreciated.

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              This takes my breath away Suzzen. It's so beautiful, magical, and lyrical. Just beautiful all the way through.


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                Alexandrathelate! Thank you and I am extremely happy to see you!! Have missed you greatly. ❤️


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                  "this night we glide at godspeed
                  as moths to the moon
                  toward our reflection
                  mirrored in the eyes of Cassiopeia"

                  So beautiful!!!! I can't say that enough-- lunar majesty in lilting magic, serene and beautiful as the sky. Brava!


                  • Suz-zen
                    Suz-zen commented
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                    Hi N.Y.Sonnet, I want to thank you very much for the kind comments! I appreciate that took your time to read my poem!