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  • We won't wait

    Codebreakers and alchemists
    Amongst a motley crew of allies
    Seek out on expedition
    Treasure at the rainbows end

    The quizzmasters practice hand shaking
    Whilst awaiting the mastermind
    And warrors armed with words
    Fight demons parked within

    Toymasters toil with technology
    To ease the burden of daily battles
    Whilst muddled jigsaws pieced
    Without the boxes picture

    Propaganda cries hope
    And sways the outcomes
    But until the hope solidifys
    The wars ills will not be cured

    So listen to my voice cry charity
    And starting from our homes
    Provide me with an emperors armour
    That protects with more than conceit

    Our empire will strike back
    A light sabre to dispel the darkness
    Feeling the strength of our force
    As our Yoda masters the spell iof genes

    I invite you to my sermon
    At the church on the hill

    I have myself full confidence
    That all will do their duty
    We will fight them wherever they reach
    We will go on until the end
    We will never surrender

    We won't wait
    We won't go away
    Support our victory
    Equip our our army to overcome

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    A rousing call, Parkinsonspoet, with lots of vibrant metaphor and phrasing. Crackles with energy.


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      it sure does, towards the end that gathered energy dispersed became somewhat autonomous, a vicegerent or something. Angelic, really.

      how do we reverse, I have been wondering, the terrible, terrible Enantiodromia? sacrilege or verboten.

      I am never sure anymore.
      thank you for the Words.


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        A strong poem, Parkinsonspoet! A message of truth. Good luck with it in the contest. May it be read and understood by many.


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          grant hayes amenOra Muttado1sb Thank you for engaging with his. Each year in April the charity Parkinson's UK have an awareness week. The awareness week has a theme and this year it is about the urgency of research.and they have chosen the strapline "We won't wait" I don't know if strapline means anything so maybe slogan is a better word. I usually write a poem in support but because the slogan is neither self explanatory or welcoming support I found this difficult. I did have a few ideas and after dissecting Grants the Goblin Shoes I decided it should be a big message with no apologies and I would throw everyting but the kitchen sink in the mix blending the strapline with a bit of Winston Churchill.This has resulted in a poem that supports the theme and satisfies my integrity. Thank you to the three of you for engaging.

          I contacted the charity and explained my doubts about their campaign and am now one of their marketing panel so will get an opportunity to have input in future


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            Jon, when I read your poem without knowing the cause, I knew you were advocating something very important to all of us. After reading your followup, I am deeply moved by you and for you.
            The charity has done itself well by installing you on their panel.


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              Your writing will move all who are thinking seriously about helping. Great work and congratulations!


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                Rousing - with many ingenious and engaging turns of phrase. Colorful explanation, sincere exhortation, profound commitment and poetic invitation - you have done very, very well, and I salute!


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                  Hello Parkinsonspoet, Intricately woven into a terrific passage of poetic art. A clarion call, onwards and bravely into the fray - neither let nor hinder till victory and victorious is this poem. Well done indeed. Regards, Tony.