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  • Healed

    I will wait for you.
    Our hearts are tied
    to each other,
    and our bond shall never
    be broken.

    We’re two broken
    winged doves
    fighting to rise up
    and fly again.
    For a long time,
    I didn’t know how
    the pain would heal.
    But with you,
    I found myself again.

    I thought I was broken,
    I thought it would
    never get better.
    But you held me close
    and promised that you
    would always protect me.
    Under the dark sky
    rivers of sadness—
    those rivers of pain
    drained away.

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    Youve written this one with the touch of a patient and a healer. Wonderful.


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      Thank you very much. I was experimenting with different points of view and thinking about how the healer and the patient feels... I hope it was a success!


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        a sure success. you did very well, and I wish to heal, also, from forever ago... thanks for sharing, good, affirmative title. no double negative, just da truth.


        • PainterOfWords
          PainterOfWords commented
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          Aww thank you so much It's interesting how easy it is to get wounded, and how difficult it is for the pain to go away... I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks again!

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        the first step, probably is getting rid ofour collective victim mentality.
        and because of this, and hard work, my dreams came true!
        we will always have pain. we might not know what the heart is without that


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          I like the sense of hopefulness - particularly for those reading who may be in deep and dark places right now. Nicely turned.


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            RhymeLovingWriter I agree! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you very much.

            amenOra Nicely written. I do agree, with the victim mentality. Sometimes it's all in your head, which adds to the confusion.