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To tell you the truth

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  • To tell you the truth

    The agonal expression,
    to speak to the flowers, sans relief;
    Dusty wind and friend,
    Who is hidden by the hanging leaf.

    Is he named, might he be
    The one condensed to talk.
    And if that was our Eternity,
    Would you so severely balk

    That the chance to say it again
    Wouldn't happen? While the excitation
    Of trance, opened by relief, a vein.
    While you came to the Recitation-

    Empty handed you left-
    Ouiji seƄnce to the unconfirmed.
    I gobbled your eggs, and stepped
    And now, i can no longer return.


    While i waited to say the words,
    Where my fealty to my own emotion
    Suddenly ended up dwarfing yours.
    What a blithe, blithe distraction

    From our true Feeling.
    Such an empathogen, made
    For God and Satan and Jesus.
    Whispered by their Human counterparts.

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    Oh wow wow. You have liquified so much expressiveness ! I always admire those who write fearlessly and on the margins.


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      Thank you, i am again inspired to write, which is always a good thing