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    No Star Charts
    Exist to tell us where we are
    Somewhere adrift
    In an expanding universe

    But for many months
    Here on Earth a silent storm
    Has been coalescing
    And like the invisible gravity

    From a black hole
    Has been calling us to gather
    Here for a cataclysmic event
    As infinite joy explodes

    In the birth of Hannah Frances
    And in her life to come
    We are truly graced

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    Does this wonderful poem call for congratulations on a new birth in your family, Tanner?


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      Muttado1sb. Thank you for the compliment. Hannah is actually 4 1/2 now, and I just found this poem today and actually I think I forgot about it when I wrote it and I tend to believe that I never showed it to anybody. I think I may wait and give it to her when she is a little older. My brain is getting so bad, I can't remember if I ever gave a copy to her parents. I don't want to commit another faux pas.