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Drowning: A Work in Progress (for AnatoliyS)

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  • amenOra
    you have a way with words. thankya, this was great, I enjoyed reading and puzzlin over it. good job guys!

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  • AnatoliyS
    This is quite interesting, Tanner , and I am not sure if I will be going to Caribbean any time soon... I have replied, or rather continued your idea, in a poem: "Amen!"

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  • Tanner
    started a topic Drowning: A Work in Progress (for AnatoliyS)

    Drowning: A Work in Progress (for AnatoliyS)

    For AnatoliyS

    You did not expect it
    To happen on your Caribbean vacation
    Wading out in the azure waters
    Distracted by a stiff breeze and the loveliness
    Of white caps on waves
    Further out from the sun drenched shore

    You were pulled down
    By an unseen riptide and dragged out to sea
    Under water
    You struggled to understand what was taking place
    And regain your senses
    As a harrowing coldness gripped you

    Gasping and choking
    You finally managed briefly to reach the surface
    As your lungs struggled for oxygen
    But had breathed in far too much water

    You looked at the distant shore
    With its dollhouse villas palm trees and beach umbrellas
    Was there a deep resolve
    To enough summon fortitude to swim back to shore
    Or should you just let go
    And feel the elements prevail

    In an instant
    You pondered
    Who would miss you most
    Your fiancée or your dog
    Your parents died in a horrible car crash last year
    On a foggy rainy night
    Your brother was jealous of your professional success
    Your sister did hardcore drugs
    Slept with strangers
    Was a friggin’ emotional mess

    As you once bobbed up rigidly again like a cork to the surface
    You did not feel afraid
    You felt strangely detached from your body
    Your consciousness had entered a realm of eerie calm
    A timeless aether you did not understand

    You thought you heard the murmur
    Of melodic voices coming near or where they
    Just inside your head
    While a pervasive tingling warmth
    Had entered your cells
    You drifted quietly down
    To somewhere else