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Enemy Past the Gates (Inspired by Egads, by Tanner)

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  • Enemy Past the Gates (Inspired by Egads, by Tanner)

    The king lay
    languished in his bed,
    his servants close at hand,
    when to the summons
    his progeny came,
    to, now,
    before him,

    The eldest,
    with his head majestic,
    glanced upon the crown.
    His younger brother
    struck with grief,
    cast his vision down.

    The youngest,
    near a hint of whiskers
    upon his boyish face,
    fixed his gaze
    upon the courtyard,
    and, at once,
    began to pace.

    The eldest,
    heir apparent,
    stood resolute and steady,
    prepared to give
    one last account,
    of the kingdom's ready.

    My Lord,
    the soldiers stand at arms,
    with archers to defend,
    tis not a villain
    near the gates,
    they would not apprehend.

    The king,
    his breath laboured to fetch,
    gestured his progeny in,
    and whispered,
    with his palm to chest,
    thy foe,
    he lies within!

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    This is very strong, DWAYNE , especially the ending!


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      A fantastic poem! I love anything to do with kings, princes, kingdoms, &c., so I literally squealed as I read this! I agree with AnatoliyS, it's a very powerful ending!


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        DWAYNE, I am deeply honoured if I have contributed inspiration to this lovely poem. I continue to be greatly impressed with your economy of language and story-telling abilities. Your gifts are truly remarkable. I agree with AnatoliyS and N.Y. Sonnet, about the last two lines!!!!


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          Pogo; “we have met the enemy and he is us”.


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            He is, indeed!
            Will we ever learn?
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