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So We Had to Grow Up -Poem-

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  • So We Had to Grow Up -Poem-

    She was a dreamer
    And I was a believer.
    Playing in our little
    Two children in a riddle.

    We would sing little songs
    And dance in the rain
    Two little swans
    Who never felt pain.

    As the years went by
    We got older and
    She started to slip away
    That little glint in her eye
    Lost its amber ray

    And slowly, I too
    Lost the childish innocence
    Of which
    I used to possess.
    The odds we once went against
    Were diminished.

    The stain glass windows to the soul
    Were nailed shut
    And turned as hard as coal.
    The windows to the soul
    Had jagged cracks
    That never had another chance
    To turn back.