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My Secret -Poem-

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  • My Secret -Poem-

    You know,
    don’t you?
    That longing look in my delicate eyes,
    the way I sadly smile at you.
    It tells you everything that I once tried to hide.

    Even though you told me,
    I still suppressed my own—
    though still, I do not see
    how you could love
    such a creature as me?

    I’m sorry I was so silent
    I’m sorry I never let you know.
    I thought I was protecting myself
    but I swear—
    my guard just goes up
    with you around.

    I never wished to wound
    your already bleeding heart.
    I thought I knew what was best.
    But when I had thought
    of that,
    I wanted to only hide my shame
    and spare you my pain.