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My Curse -Poem-

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  • My Curse -Poem-

    That is my curse.
    I see everything
    but that
    which I am looking for.

    I guess that’s how
    my eyes managed
    to skip right over you.
    If only I had seen you,
    without the mask,
    I could have been able to help you.

    I saw you,
    or so I thought.
    But it was all just
    a fake.
    Really, I wondered—
    “Who are you?”

    It turns out,
    we were alike
    all along.
    It was I who was at fault.
    You didn’t have a mask.
    And neither did I.
    We just didn’t want
    to see the truth
    that lingered
    between us.

    So, take my apology,
    I said I was sorry.
    I only blame me,
    for not being able
    to see.