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Musical Treatment -Poem-

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  • Musical Treatment -Poem-

    This city is haunted
    by the ghosts of
    I too, am one
    But in another World.
    I hear the echo of their pain
    in my plagued sentiment.
    I wish I could ignore their pleas, but alas;
    We are alike.

    My numb fingertips reach out into the Abyss
    “I can cure you,”
    is all I Whisper.

    As the Children of Tomorrow
    the Wind of Broken Nymphs
    Free themselves into my darkened eyes.
    I reach out
    and take their callused hands,
    “I can cure you,”
    is all I Whisper.

    Far off in the Palace of Musical Magic
    A burst of vivid Concerto erupts and dances through the starry Sky
    We close our eyes
    As the beautiful notes engulf our realm,
    and those invisible Wounds close.
    The soothing beats of Paradise
    Ease their aching hearts.
    Once ragged, dead
    Blossoms into floral red.
    And once again,
    Banded Souls of thread
    Have nothing left to dread.

    “You’ve cured us,”
    They Whisper.