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A Different Ending -Poem-

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  • A Different Ending -Poem-

    You are the hero,
    and I am the villain.
    Bittersweet revenge
    where the ending is already

    But just as before
    we’ll play our parts again.
    Stuck in the same scene,
    so that they can see
    what happens to you
    every time my shadow
    ascends over you.
    Actor to actor,
    Eternally placed in time
    I defeated you once
    And I’ll beat you again.

    As the curtain opens,
    we waltz across our storybook,
    dancing a fantastic duo.
    Two forces,
    of opposite nature.

    My discolored eyes seep up
    to meet yours, valiantly shining.
    The music erupts into full bloom and
    a cold smile invades my once beautiful face.

    Determined to win,
    you point your faithful sword
    at the empty
    never beating cavity in my chest.
    The audience knows what must happen now,
    as do I.
    But because immortality
    is rotten,
    I counter my lines,
    And go against my duty.
    I step in front
    of that beautiful shimmer;
    My radiant executioner,
    who shall now set us free.

    I see your charming face
    set a look of horror,
    as I fall to the floor.
    You see now,
    I did not follow my lines.
    Instead of depriving you of life,
    I shall give you mine.
    Because you see,
    I could not resist change,
    and I had grown tired of the same
    old thing.

    As I fall into eternal sleep,
    you cradle what you think
    is a mistake,
    thinking of only
    the pain which you caused me.
    But I know that deep in your heart,
    you always knew,
    that our fairy tale ended
    each time, the same.
    The lights upon the velvety stage
    begin to fade.
    The show is over.

    Distinctly in the dark,
    we still can see,
    the dark Soldier who gave her life
    for the pure Warrior
    so that they could both be set free.