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  • Truth

    Truth belongs to no man
    But is highjacked by many
    Coveted in sweaty palms
    Craven and careworn

    Many a liar praises others
    In the use of their craft
    Clusters of no creed
    Convulses and corrodes

    Fakes and falsehoods
    Forged with intent
    Into a javelin
    Weapon of mass distraction

    Beware the honest man
    Whose sleights heavy handed
    To disttract to distress
    To confuse To confound

    Drink from his carafe
    Swallow falsehood he decants
    Truth has been rewritten
    But is that news?
    Last edited by Parkinsonspoet; 03-01-2017, 12:32 AM.

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    Pp, This is a most profound and impressive write. I especially like,

    Fakes and falsehoods
    Moulded like clay
    Into a javelin
    Weapon of mass destraction (distraction?)

    The beginning is also quite beautiful:

    Truth belongs to no man
    But is highjacked by many


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      Tannerstark Mr Trump unfortunately is a cause for poetry(use of cause deliberate I won't describe the man as an inspiration under any context.) He is also a regular in your poetry. Thanks for pointing out typo. As always you words are kind. Thank you for the complements


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        I like the scope, tone and your use of poetic devices in this piece, Parkinsonspoet. Craven and careworn, Clusters of no creed ... excellent. The image of clay being molded into a javelin struck a bung note for me. 'Moulded like clay' is a cliché, and any javelin constructed thus would be risibly ineffective.


        • Muttado1sb
          Muttado1sb commented
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          Ah, but it is a ''weapon of mass distraction'', not an actual weapon. Serving a different purpose by use of disguise. Unless I am highjacking the truth to suit my own version of understanding.

        • grant hayes
          grant hayes commented
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          Aha, I see. It would seem that this eluded me, Muttado.

        • Parkinsonspoet
          Parkinsonspoet commented
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          Muttado1sb grant hayes Grant I haad intended it to be the appearance of a weapon inspired by falsehoods such as Trumps claims of fake news butwas also thinking of wartime propaganda such as the appearance of tanks gathered in certain areas of the UK to mislead the intent of where Dday would happen, however I recognise moulded like clay is a cliche so have changed it to "forged with intent" which is less so but also should avoid the doubts that the javelin is real. As if they don't believe in the javelin then its propaganda fails.

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        Thoughtful poem, Parkinsonspoet! The twists of the words telling the twists of the truth.