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  • Misunderstood


    Another body bit the dust,
    Another tragedy unheard...
    I take the cross and see but rust –
    Erodes and crumbles Holy Word.

    Faith lives today – tomorrow dies...
    Under cold rain alone I stood
    Raising my hands to broken skies –
    "Could I be so misunderstood?

    Is it my job to spread the lies?
    Why should I care for what is heard?"
    A preacher who the hardest tries
    Will better teach holding a sword...

    ...Yet, reaching in my coat I grab
    The Holy Word, trying to find
    Between the pages wet and drab
    How to connect with my own kind?
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    Well written, Anatoliy! One of the hardest things to learn: communication. It is so easy to get wrong no matter what you are trying to express. As the band The Animals put it, ''Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood''


    • AnatoliyS
      AnatoliyS commented
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      Thank you, Muttado! I am not necessarily writing about my own frustration with misunderstanding, but just general misunderstanding of so many teachers throughout the history of humankind. Some were crucified, some burnt alive, and yet others got so out of touch with what their were teaching and went the easier path of "holding a sword".

      To put it lightly, today is a much better time to be misunderstood, so I am not worried about it nearly as much!

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    you do it, all the time, by faith and trust in love, and thank everyone for that!!


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