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To find that perfect match

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  • To find that perfect match

    To find the perfect match

    And hope that is your lucky catch

    You always have to be compassionate

    And always show you are affectionate

    You always have to show your partner you are supportive

    And maybe paint your love a portrait

    Make sure you show your generosity

    And make sure your love is always constantly

    Make sure at all times you are considerate

    And you always show a big interest

    Make sure you are always gracious

    And at no time never show you are flirtatious

    Always show your kindness

    And your partner will see your fineness

    And what ever you do always show your love

    And never forget your partner is your only truelove

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    Excellent. I daresay when a relationship fails likely this wisdom was not heeded.


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      Lovely lines, Tonysp! But doesn't there have to be a level of reciprocity for it to be a ''perfect match''?


      • imrogue
        imrogue commented
        Editing a comment
        Maybe an ending line like:

        Especially she/he tells/shows you likewise!!

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      The more that I read this poem the better, except that maybe it speaks more towards life with your perfect match than it does about finding them. Finding your perfect match is probably a poem that's just impossible to write...
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