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  • Rain Of Blood

    Your god is crying
    Crying tears of pain
    Hurt the innocent
    Violate the code
    You have driven him insane

    Your god is weeping
    Weeping tears of grief
    Promoting hatred
    To the gay or souls of the dead
    You've brought him to his knees

    Your god is bleeding
    Bleeding tears of sorrow
    Destroying cultures
    Reckless carnage
    A selfish way out from this world
    Sinners, there'll be no tomorrow

    God's slitting his wrists
    There be a rain of blood
    For all the crimes, for all the hate
    For all the tragedy you've done

    No regret
    No remorse
    No sympathy
    No respect at all
    Sinners, I hope you're sorry
    For letting your god down

    The first three verses relate to certain organisations that give religion a bad name, and I do hope these people feel sorry of what they've done.

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    This reads as your take on Parkinsonspoet's Honour - nicely done.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      It does? I had something else in mind relating to it... thanks for your feedback though