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  • I told Myself

    I told myself that I wouldn’t cave in to the world,

    I told myself that I would learn to swim and wouldn't drown,

    I told myself I would stay just the way that I am,

    I told myself I would work hard and get out of this town,

    I told myself everyone else was just a dream within a dream,

    I told myself everyone would fall; I would soar above them all,

    I told myself they wouldn't drag me down; I would be free,

    I told myself they wouldn't hold me captive; I would bolt,

    Words are better done than spoken, I should've told myself.

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    Sometimes speaking can lead to learning and you relay an imortant lesson well thank you


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      Nicely put, zainabnadeem! You built the expectation level well, then hit with a twist at the end. You can tell yourself you wrote well. :-)


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        I was thinking along the same lines as these guys zainabnadeem - you have to start somewhere - and your written word is a very good place! Welcome to the zone, if I haven't said it before!