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Such is the Life

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  • Such is the Life

    Such is the Life

    Centipede bite
    And well deserved –
    The strongest pain
    One life preserved.

    Scorpion sting
    Burns under skin –
    Convulsions bring
    The heat within.

    Rattlesnake bite
    Leads to slow death –
    You scream in spite
    Of your last breath.

    Such is the life
    Made up by us –
    Each creature's strife –
    Another's loss.

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    Aesclepian Rod to the rescue,
    or something?--

    thanks, I liked this.
    I have enjoyed also this stuff. Poison frogs are cool, too.


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      It all does depend on perspective, doesn't it?


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        I am much taken with the tight rhythm, short lines and apt choice of metaphor, Anatoliy. Top drawer!!


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          Thank you for your comments! Did it ever happen to you that the poem you are proud of goes pretty much unnoticed upon being shared, while another one you'd rather throw away is much better liked?


          • grant hayes
            grant hayes commented
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            Sometimes, yes. One of the benefits of sharing here is that one can get an insight into what 'works' in one's writing.

            That being said, poems of stature do not always get the popular recognition they deserve. And popularity is not solely about artistic merit.

          • AnatoliyS
            AnatoliyS commented
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            Very true, Grant – I am extremely grateful to participants of this forum, as my writing skill has improved dramatically (judged by me) since I joined here. While my subject matter remains the same, my ability to express it in poems is very different now. And yes, it is interesting and humbling to see that some of the poems I value highly are not finding a connection with readers. On the other hand, I believe the most important reader is "us" and it is a waste of time to be trying to write to please others. Sometimes the connection is established, other times not – Such is the Life!

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          I like all of your poetry, you write very well! I enjoyed this one as well the flow and rhyme were great!