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  • Honour

    There is no honour
    Daughter not your chattel
    Wife is not a vassel
    Vanity without Humanity

    Life becomes fear
    Prey once held dear
    Life is her own
    Feel so alone

    She is heart
    She is mind
    She is young
    She is kind

    It is not your right
    To use your might
    There is no pride
    Horror you abide

    She is beauty
    She is vitality
    She is hope
    She is morality

    How do you live?
    Nothing to give
    Abuser of power
    Crushing your flower

    Vanity without humanity
    Wife is not a vassel
    Daughter not a chattel
    You have no honour
    You buried it with her

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    Oh this is a sad tale. Do you suppose abusers possess such self awareness? You write beautifully.


    • Parkinsonspoet
      Parkinsonspoet commented
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      This is about an "honour killing" Samia Shahid divorced her first husband and planned to remarry. She was strangled by exhusband. Her father and uncle were also involved. She was raped before being murdered. It is worse than sad it is shameful that men claim an "honour" over women. The only honour here is in Samia's memory.I cannot envisage that on some level they don't know what they have done.

    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      I fear for any system which subjugates others so, based on gender - or any other qualifier. Shameful indeed.

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    The sparse style that you've used is best for the subject matter; strikes the right note. Nothing gained by overwrought indignation.


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      Nicely done, Parkinsonspoet! Your pacing and phrasing tells this sad story well.


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        Honour killings... those who do it are scum of the earth, just because one person refuses to marry a complete stranger chosen by them. Makes me want to do my own take on it. Thanks for sharing this, good sir.