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My '53 Chevy

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  • My '53 Chevy

    Bob and 1953 Chevy.jpg
    I can Remember in Earlier Times,

    gas wasn't More than a Couple of Dimes.

    I could Cruise Main for a Dollar or So,

    my Girl sittin' Close and I was her Beau.

    Music was Blasting out of my Dash,

    not really Worried 'bout my Lack of Cash.

    Life was real Good just Drivin' Around,

    up to One End then back to Downtown.

    My arm Around Her - one Hand on the Wheel,

    First base back Then was Quite a Big Deal.

    Summers were Best with The windows Down,

    greeting our Friends all around Town.

    That Girl was a Babe but it didn't Last,

    she's just a Part of my Tender Past.

    Wondering now if Her thoughts might be Heavy,

    for Time we both Spent in my '53 Chevy?

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    One of my favorites! Love the photo too - may I say, you haven't changed that much! The car is a beauty - do you still own her?


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      Wish I did - it was my first car. I literally waxed the paint off it in places.


      • AnatoliyS
        AnatoliyS commented
        Editing a comment
        What year this photo had been shot?

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      I think 1959.


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        Wow. Thats a great photo! And perfect words to accompany it.


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          Thank you. We are old enough to still have ancient photos stuffed in drawers. Just going through some and found this one.