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  • Destiny

    Think to yourself
    For one moment
    Your dreams, your wishes
    A thought so potent

    Think to yourself
    For one last time
    A pathway, a dark road
    One day, there will be light
    If it's worth obtaining

    Walk the line
    Stare into the clouds
    "Is there anything out there?"
    Confidence runs aground

    Now, find yourself
    Observe the blood red sky
    Hope or despair ahead
    Go out and pursue the light
    If it's worth doing

    Your own life
    Matters more than this
    For who you are currently
    Feel yourself bend and twist

    In this kind of state
    In where you're lost inside
    This life of emptiness
    Will one day take the bite
    And it's worth fearing

    The sands are dissolving
    Time to make your mind up
    The later consequence
    Cannot be undone
    To choose between the devil
    And the deep blue sea
    Your decision
    Your destiny

    Between pillars
    The sun's far away
    Your world grows darker
    As it slowly fades

    Whatever you do
    I wish you well
    But in the end
    Would this cure you from
    The worst you've felt?

    One single mistake can end it all
    A catastrophe that we all have to face
    Just from a blind decision

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    The disproportion of crime and punishment indeed! Excellent


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Not really to do with crime when I wrote this, but I do thank you for your input. Just making a decision, usually a bad one, was what I had in mind

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    Right. I wasn't using the word literally. How a mistake can have the same consequences as a crime. I enjoy your work!


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
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      Thank you

  • #4
    I love how this poem flows and how it ends. I believe we make choices at every moment and those decisions forge new worlds.


    • #5
      So true - and yet to do nothing is its own decision of sorts. The struggle is real, and for some issues deeper than others.