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we woke together

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  • we woke together

    one day.

    any day.

    every day.

    the wheels that spin against
    her heartbeat in my mouth.

    laugh loud, mother earth. i forget.

    while i cut the star, its cold biceps.

    while i spread my legs to shroud you in my abdominal warmth, until our eyebrows fall. little lashes in love.

    sixty seconds away from my project.

    joy for the world i never see.

    she smells the sunlight.

    i smell like my man, my lord, the liquid smoke... bonfire into my ripping sky, clouds, smell.

    etherized, until heavy.

    i am me.

    also, light the way to can't feel, for the dead are alive, and i might just try it until cleaving shale will be my arm, cut black blood, and,turn,green.

    cricket,grasshopper,temperature,and respect me:her name,Tara.

    while the blue graves hold my green friends,

    and they and we and you and i are it
    is free.

    for now.

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    Something breaks through here, or it breaks through to somewhere. Wild wording; exhilarating trip.


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      i guess im attempting experimentalism. Adopt a poet day? lol...

      to describe it, its like wisps, while i writhe spidery trying to be free. bukowski gravestone read: Don't try.


      lol thanx, always appreciated..


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        Exhilarating trip indeed. I am a disorientated guinea pig seeking philosophy without language just hearing sounds that paint pictures that flicker. Adopt a poet or adapt a poet who knows?


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          kind words, thankz.

          I forget what I meant to say


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            o, yeah... 'sounds about right'

            me too!


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              Your poetry teaches me a new way of interacting with words. Thank you


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                good to share, yes, yes. thanks