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  • Pied Piper

    A hand cups her chin as she’s sleeping.
    It guides her feet off the bed, urging.
    Leading her through the black shading,
    the phantom hand pulls her through the clearing.

    Cool wind kisses her moon white skin, quenching,
    suppressing the faint urge to stop walking.
    The ghost fingers taunt her with notes of numbing,
    cajoling, mesmerizing, alluring.

    A taunting, fluttering spell, tempting,
    willing her to follow the sweet swirling airy jingling.
    The pan flute softly pierces through the night, whistling,
    summoning the entranced children, hypnotizing.

    A revenge so impulsive, so demanding,
    she’s lost in the trail of fellow children, wandering.

    With the resolute but silky cry of that wooden pipe, weighting,
    a flutter of misty trills crying on the wind, cruel seducing,
    coaxing, an ethereal ominous floating.
    A howl of rich, undulating teasing.

    To fulfill that promise of retaliation, that avenging.
    The call of the whistle, a response to a city’s betraying,
    that empty promise, deceit, that misleading.
    An unfulfilled pledge of gold, the downfall of an hundred youngins.

    Coming, they wander with the thick melody, ringing,
    blindly she follows the crowd, roaming,
    passing the city walls, the wooden flute’s song unending.
    The Piper steers with his flute, prompting,
    Leading them past the grassy holding,
    into the mountainside that was great and imposing.

    The flute led them on, to the cavern opening,
    through the darkening path that seemed to be closing.
    But the children walked on, oblivious and blundering,
    and were lost in that cavern that they had been roving.

    They were lost in the silence the piper was giving
    when he put down his flute and left the hollowing,
    stranding those children whose minds were drifting--
    … A dying song to the life of the living.

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    This is so beautiful Pied Piper story ( based from pied Piper of Hamelin)
    Mystical, magical with smooth rhyming flow and perfect ending poem (haunting).
    I watched a Anime version of Pied Piper in Sailor Moon a long time ago.
    I thought it was wonderfully creepy show for children.
    This brings back those memories. 😊
    You did a fabulous job!


    • Darthvader
      Darthvader commented
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      I read the Pied Piper recently and I was intrigued by the haunting mystery to it and thought it would be interesting to write about, so it was kind of on a whim, but I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for commenting!

    • imrogue
      imrogue commented
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      It is meamerizing Darth! I am glad you wrote it! Thanks for sharing! Love love it!

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    This is epic Darth. My mind is taking me to the plight of Syrian children refugees. Way off? Probably.


    • Darthvader
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      I could see that, but it is actually about the Pied Piper of Hamelin, an ancient German tale about a town that was infested with rats where a pied piper offered to get rid of them if the city paid him in gold. He used his wooden flute to entrance the rats and drown them in the river, but the city refused to pay. In revenge, he used that same flute to entrance the city's children and they were locked in an enchanted mountain never to be seen again.

      Its a little dark, but it made an interesting story.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, bobby del boy!

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    To use a word from the poem memerising well done


    • Darthvader
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      Thanks so much, Parkinsonspoet.

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    A haunting story indeed, you told it well! Good job


    • Darthvader
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      Thank you, LovesDaisies, it means a lot that you approve

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    I had hoped the pied pipers would quiet down after the election...a most appropiate and beautiful version youve written!


    • Darthvader
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      Thank you, lunar glide!

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    Lilt away DV - this is mesmerizing.


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      RhymeLovingWriter , thank you, I'm glad you liked it!