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  • Dead Flowers

    Our love together is dead
    Dead amongst the weeds
    All the beauty we once had
    May it perish into the night

    Our time together was a fake
    Hearts bled since the start
    The life where it was all serene
    May it diminish into the silence

    Love was like a perfect red rose
    To symbolise what we had lacked
    Now, it withers into the cold
    And everything turns black
    Everything turns black

    As everything we had is gone
    Emotion's dead and so am I
    All the beauty in this world
    And in our hollow fruitless lives
    Forever gone, and of myself
    Laying down where nature rots

    When beauty dies
    Is there anything left at all?
    Amongst the rusted leaves
    And pretty dead flowers
    I guess not, maybe it's time
    To close my eyes
    And let the world pass me by
    As I dissolve into the night

    Farewell, my love
    But don't forget me
    Never forget me

    When the most "beautiful" of things die off, it will be a dark world for some. I wrote this when Valentine's Day was just around the corner, and would be still relevant even after that occasion when for some, love is in the air - but not always.

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    "love was"

    such sadsadsad words, its a wonder I didnt catch those the first time.

    my heart is entirely broken. it is true, this is all there is..