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A Rhyming Challenge

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  • A Rhyming Challenge

    It’s not Something you shove in the Fridge,

    It’s not Something that helps you in Bridge.

    It’s not Something you slap on a Bun,

    It’s not Something you shoot in a Gun.

    It’s not Something you plant in the Ground,

    It’s not Something that’ll gain you a Pound.

    It’s not Something you nail on your Roof,

    It’s not Something you find with a Hoof.

    It’s not Something that sticks on your Shoe,

    It’s not Something that even goes Moo.

    A Challenge to All – Can anyone Get,

    all Letters to Rhyme in Our Alphabet.

  • #2
    Sad to say I am befuddled by this verse my thoughts are muddled.
    Is there answer clear to see if we resort to puzzling?
    Or must we first creative get to build this rhyming alphabet?
    My brain right now wears sickly cape - for this has left me full agape.
    I'm not well known to 'get things' first. Is there an answer to this verse?
    (It's probably simple, just like me - and I am just too blind to see.)


    • #3
      If there Was an Answer Clear,
      I would Surely Share it here.
      Challenge like a Small Dog spun,
      then I turn My Tail to Run.


      • RhymeLovingWriter
        RhymeLovingWriter commented
        Editing a comment
        I may have to wait until I'm not under the weather, but it looks like a tall order at the outset.