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Late Afternoon Thoughts in Bitter Cold After a Blizzard

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  • Late Afternoon Thoughts in Bitter Cold After a Blizzard


    A deep blanket of snow
    Covers the ground unscarred
    By tracks of any kind
    Eerie calm
    No sentinels at the gates

    In wisely constructed hovels
    Hunkered down
    Small animals give thanks
    That they are here
    And not elsewhere in time


    The first artillery shell fell
    On Leningrad on September 1, 1941
    The Germans underestimated
    The Russian people Hitler said
    The city will fall like a leaf

    Relentless bombing
    Lack of electricity mass starvation
    Dogs and cats hunted for food
    Workers drank oil from oil cans
    And ate grease from ball bearings


    The freshly buried dead
    Unearthed at night
    You wanted your parents to die
    So you could use their ration card
    For bread

    More than 632,00 people died
    During the siege
    4,000 alone starved to death
    On Christmas Day 1941
    Man’s inhumanity to man


    Time to brave the cold
    Get wood from the shed
    To warm the hearth
    While salmon with dill and lemon
    For dinner awaits

    I think of the small animals
    In their vigil for spring
    And those who died in Leningrad
    In hunger and desperation
    Beyond understanding

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    Whoa...beautiful weave of then and now Tanner.


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      RLW, Many thanks for your visit and comments. Lots of snow and cold in Canada. Happy Valentine's Day to You!