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  • Demented

    She lives, tormented,
    twisting, writhing, twitching.
    A love fermented,
    reeking, burning, stinging.

    She cries, infected,
    crumbling, withering, rotting.
    A mind segmented,
    slipping, unceasing, falling.

    A life so wretched,
    warping, molding, sinking.
    A broken mind, afflicted,
    tearing, clawing, staunching.

    Her sanity, lamented,
    mourning, moaning, weeping.
    A body so demented,
    unhinging, jumbling, rattling.

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    WOW! a speed read into the deepest part of absolute insanity. I felt as if I had fallen off a cliff and was tumbling into eternity.

    Well done!!


    • Darthvader
      Darthvader commented
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      Whoa, haha, please don't fall off a cliff 😁😁

      And thank you, rhymetime, that means a lot.

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    Darthvader.interesting that rhymetime before now was the only one so far to read your spine tingling write on the ravages of dementia, I highly recommend you read his own write on this very same subject..Well done to you both.


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      I will have to do so, Bobby Del Boy . thanks for liking and commenting!


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        This is a heavy piece DV. What you have captured takes a few readings to absorb. So sad.


        • Darthvader
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          Well, thank you for taking the time to absorb, RLW 😀

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        Hello Darthvader, Galloping into the maddening void of despair, shooting from the hip and no holes barred in this rush of vibrantly dark poetry. The unbearable and exhausting pain of a demented soul in apt, straight and excellent verse. Well done indeed. Regards, Tony.


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          Regards, indeed, Tony Grannell. Thanks for reading


          • #8
            You unloaded with this one darth. Well done. It takes a special skill to write so intensely.


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              Thank you, lunar glide to be honest when I started writing this one, my first plan was to actually write it about an extremely unhealthy relationship, but it kind if changed to insanity as I wrote it so... Whatever. I rolled with it.

              But thank you, that means a lot


              • lunar glide
                lunar glide commented
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                Sometimes poems have different plans than you 🙃