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  • Sunday Funday

    Sunday morning, this day's so off the charts
    the workweek's over and another about to start
    Twenty four hours to relax and follow our dreams
    before we know it, we're back in the working scheme

    CBS This Morning with a cup of steaming joe
    featuring national parks, hop a train and off we go
    A day to catch up on that annoying paperwork
    but still enough time, to enjoy the weekend perks

    Take a three mile hike, around your local lake
    then off to the local butcher, home for barbecued steaks
    Still plenty of time for a sunset dip in the pool
    grand kids in their jammys, in bed and ready for school

    We can't get lost in that Sunday melancholy
    we'll go to bed thinking, tomorrow I'll be jolly
    It's now Monday morning and the sunny side is up
    another week's upon us and the coffee's in our cup

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    Hello Bobby, Those lazy, hazy summer days of barbecues, around the pool, a few cool beers, tall tales and then the children to bed, when tucked in - some serious whiskey supping. A great Sunday poem, a sublime and wholesome. Regards, Tony.


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      Ahh Tony, you just get it. You always just get it! Thank you my friend from across the pond. Still a lot of Sunday left here in the Catskill Mountains in upstate NY.


      • #4
        Look forward to the Sunday summers days spent outside instead of the cold ones, fantastic job as always 😊


        • #5
          That last part is like a long running Folger's commercial Bobby! Lovely way to spend a day! So happy for you and all involved.


          • #6
            LovesDaisies we're getting closer to those warm spring days. Until then, we'll erite about them. Thanks my buddy for stopping by.


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              RhymeLovingWriter now I can't get that Folgers jingle out of my head!