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Workday Mornings!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Workday Mornings!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Think I’ll hit the Snooze Alarm,
    five more Minutes – what’s the Harm?
    Make the Bed or let it Go,
    now Decisions start to Grow.

    Toilet Roll has just Run Out,
    you just want to Scream and Shout.
    Make your Mind up fast – Chop Chop,
    pull from Bottom or the Top?

    Take a Shower or a Bath,
    pressed for Time – do the Math.
    Swipe or Spray Deodo-rant,
    Heavy Dose or just a Scant?

    Didn’t Wash or pick up Clothes,
    Smell Test then led by your Nose.
    Shoes or Boots now with a Frown,
    hope they Match when you look Down.

    Breakfast here or on the Run,
    Stressful Day has just Begun.
    Wish could Sleep for Evermore,
    and you’ve Yet to Hit your Door.