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Happy Valentines

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  • Happy Valentines

    Written just over a year ago for my girlfriend's valentine card then we split up

    In a moment

    In the breeze I feel a chill
    Before the wave I stand so still
    As it breaks I hear it splash
    On nearby rocks a greater crash

    In a moment hand in hand
    Watching the sea in silence stand
    Looking out to the horizon
    Sun ascending to enlighten

    The sun glints on a nearby pool
    Sand underfoot wet and cool
    I feel you fingers grip tighten
    Sun revealed by clouds brightens

    In a moment just like this
    I turn and steal a kiss
    I watch your smile start to form
    Know in your heart feelings warm

    In a moment just like this
    No other soul does exist
    Just two lovers hand in hand
    Just one moment on the sand

    A kiss with my valentine
    All I want that you are mine
    Partners in love not crime
    Lovers as one for all time

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    Hello Parkinsonspoet, A most beautiful and sincere declaration of love, though lost to the sands of time, the poem remains, as is, a testament to the author's excellence in poetic expression. A beautiful poem. Regards, Tony.


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      Lovely words, regardless of outcome.