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  • The Grand Life

    To have and to hold, to hug or to scold, tonight they're at our house (it never grows old)
    We'll eat and we'll play, wile hours away, for evening is brightened when they come to stay
    On pizza we'll fest while spoiling as guest; these 'littles' who show us we really are blessed.

    A story or two we'll tell to the crew just right before bed so they settle on cue
    Then prayers for the night and hugging so tight, sweet kisses are given then turn out the light
    With slumber in store, those soft little snores, will greet ears (as precious) like they've done before

    It's not hard to say, whenever they stay, that Grandma & Grandpa will find every way
    To love them a ton while having some fun, with great memories made - our job is all done
    Though if truth be told, we'll never grow old - with these precious grand kids to have and to hold.

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    Sweet! Let me put my party hat on RLW. The best life has to offer. You sound enthralled and grateful. Good for you and your entire family.


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      Maybe after I write poems for XX years I will become tired of actually rhyming the words, but I am SO HAPPY seeing you return (even if only at times) to Rhyme Loving, RhymeLovingWriter !


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        That is so sweet RLW! Enjoy your grand children!! 😊


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          That is what grandmas are made of sugar and spice and everything nice! The rythem of your poem reminded me of that. Fantastic I love it! I could almost see it as a children book 😉


          • AnatoliyS
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            Definitely seeing it in a children book!

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          Lovely RLW-


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            Hello RhymeLovingWriter, A melodic rhymed verse of all that is grand in a grand old life of love and family. A most delightful and joyous poem to read. Excellent! Regards, Tony.