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  • Dehumanizer

    This is something that I got
    From the gadget store
    The latest form of technology
    When I was wanting more

    I can do anything with it
    Search, shop, unlimited chat
    It's the best thing ever made
    Don't you wish you had something like that?

    No need for a pricey watch
    I have the exact time right here
    No need for a camera
    As I am the lens, the keen sightseer

    I can download without charge
    The movie is right here in my hands
    I can communicate to anyone
    Friends, family, those from favourite bands

    This is the best thing I've ever had
    Don't you wish you had something like that?

    This is a gift that I am blessed with
    The sort of thing I always wanted
    Wherever I go, it will be stuck with me
    In home, outside, to the fancy restaurant

    It gives me a sense of freedom
    It is attached to me like an extra limb
    It always keeps me happy, occupied
    For my life meaningless and dim

    Let's take a photo, all together now
    Without making a right fool of ourselves
    People may stare at me but so what?
    At least I have a moment that's worthy to tell

    I can never live without this little toy
    To tell stories, to feed my self-absorption
    Always with me here, there, around the world
    Without feelings of glum and exhaustion

    This is the best thing I've ever had
    Don't you wish you had something like that?
    Everything is at my fingertips
    The best piece of technology there is

    I feel different every single day
    Life's obstacles, I can do them without a hitch
    It has become integrated in me
    I need it just to stand around and live

    Maybe this thing isn't good for me
    Even though I did crave for more
    This device, like a syringe to the brain
    I don't feel human, anymore

    With the high abundance of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets making up today's modern technology, I personally feel it only makes some people out there less human, for being dependent on them and with it being too easy to do/find stuff on them, as if it's become an integrated part of them. The title itself is based on the word "dehumanisation" and, the eighth verse is a reference to the nauseating term of "selfies", one other thing that puts humanity to the lowest state possible. What has this world come to.

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    Nailed it. (And I just got a smartphone last weekend - no selfies though.)


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      I knew this would be highly effective against humanity itself. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Having stopped taking all photos 12 years ago (in the same year when I completely quit watching television/participating in social media) had been one of the most important steps in my spiritual development and greatly reduced my dependence on the past, allowing to enjoy the Now much more.

    "Feeling human" – how do we define this? I suppose teenagers look at us – not buried in our phones, refusing to take a selfie with them – and think "not human".

    Thank you for sharing this, Bry89 !