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  • Broken Nation

    Blue heavenly skies
    Tranquility around
    Now, in the hands of fear
    Structures fall, bodies all around

    Sudden explosion
    Smoke, fire and screams
    The horror becomes clear
    The worst we have ever seen

    Another tragedy
    Suffering people
    This is getting too much
    This is nothing but evil

    Unexpected hate
    Bullets, blood and agony
    The scarred and the casualties
    Our world falls into insanity

    The aftermath of it all
    A pride destroyed, a nation has died
    We saw, we grieved and we suffered
    And we question why

    A broken nation
    Debris, tears and carnations

    Black ribbons
    Flags half-mast
    The pain will always last
    Recall the fear
    Remember this strain
    Our world will never be the same
    Ever again


    From 9/11 to the Paris attacks, the world is now left with scars that it can never heal from. When I wrote this months ago, it was in line with 9/11's fifteenth anniversary and with the content above relating more to it. Never forget.

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    Nothing new under the sun, excepts perhaps we approach extinction at faster pace these days?


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      The question that had been bothering me in the past was: "What are the chances many of the recent events are not centrally planned?" Recent includes 9/11 and beyond.

      Once again, another poem from you that makes us ponder some very important matters. Thank you.


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        How can we forget?

        Great write.


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          My thoughts? Everything you say here is true and well spoken. How do I deal? I contemplate the afterlife and I tell my self I could be a victim one day, but i will not allow fear to steal the joy I can choose to experience in this present moment. I will continue to volunteer for those in need and advocate for equality and justice for all.