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Infected Kiss

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  • Infected Kiss

    Unknown soul
    Coming near
    Am I to feel fear?

    Her crystal eyes
    Her dangerous smile
    A soul so innocent
    Yet defiled

    Who are you
    What are you?
    I can't see you through

    Distorted face
    Contorted figure
    Beauty in the worst form
    Tortured, disfigured

    Moving close
    Feeling decay
    And there's no escape

    Your contagion
    Your deadly disease
    And I don't know why
    It had to be me

    You won't let go
    And it clearly shows

    A circumstance
    A twisted fate
    Stuck in this spot, with you
    And to run way
    Seems to late

    Just one kiss
    Can begin
    A fatal end
    For me
    And you

    Infected kiss
    On my skin
    Growing numb
    Feeling so numb
    Dead from within

    Love can be deadly... or infectious.

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    This one is cleverly done.


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      Thank you very much