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  • Lady Blacksmith

    She strikes the fiery anvil, to twist and bend the steel
    although considered man's work, this art to her appealed
    The clanging of the hammer, resonating with her soul
    pumping blacksmith bellows, breathing fire gold

    She wakes up early mornings to get the furnace going
    chopping wood or buying coal, to keep the fire glowing
    The day is long and physical, great strength this craft demands
    forging iron, bending steel, all with her bare hands

    Horseshoes for the stallion, handles for the door
    hammers for the carpenter, arrows made for war
    Inside the open air shop, the stricken anvil pings
    songs of Lady Blacksmith, swinging hammer rings

    The best of days before her, dreaming, steel romances
    birth mother of invention, this goddess artist glances
    This work in progress advancing cause, new trails this blacksmith blazes
    with love, respect and showering applause, worthy, her mentor praises

    Last edited by Bobby Del Boy; 02-11-2017, 03:23 PM.

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    What a great subject for a poem and a photo! And i love how you handle the rhyme 😀


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      lunar glide Oh Wow, Thank you! . For the record, I like including photos with my poetry due to the fact that I love photography too.


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        I love how it sounds! One more in your collection! 😊


        • Bobby Del Boy
          Bobby Del Boy commented
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          Thank you imrogue for your enthusiastic response. Might be some editing going on for this one....

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        I like this Bobby - especially your subject matter - but I have to say that the last stanza seems a bit tame compared to the fire of the first three - to my ear anyway.


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          RhymeLovingWriter thank you and I agree. The tempo and syllable count take a detour. Your honest observations make us all strive to be the best we can be. I am going to work on it more. In the meantime,let's all support women in the arts!


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            RhymeLovingWriter , your feed back on edited version is welcome and anticipated....


            • RhymeLovingWriter
              RhymeLovingWriter commented
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              I like it even better! Did you have 'steeling' the first time? It fits so well. And blazes keeps the fire going!

              I played a bit with the last two lines to reduce the syllable count and to try to finish with even stronger verbiage - what do you think?

              Her fine-honed work advancing cause, new trails this blacksmith blazes
              Her will, like iron, wins high respect with showering spark of praises

              It may be too much or over the top - so never mind me. I like your poetry Bobby. The stories you bring us are delightful!

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            Bobby, I love these stories your telling! You are doing a fabulous job giving credit to these professions, I truly enjoy reading them 😊


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              LovesDaisies , thank you and now that I have edited last stanza, I am happy with the finale. Thank you and RLW for your continued support and enthusiasm....


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                AlexandratheLate , I wanted you to see one in a series of women tribute poems I've been working on. What do you think?


                • AlexandratheLate
                  AlexandratheLate commented
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                  Hey Bobby what a wonderful tribute to women!! You're on to something - keep them coming !!

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                AlexandratheLate thanks for taking the time and allowing me to shamelessly plug


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                  You really are an artist through and through!

                  Vivid imagery, clever rhyme. Great write!


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                    DWAYNE thank you poet friend!


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                      I love it. This would be a lovely one for International Women's Day celebrations to reflect the 'steely' determination of women to be acknowledged.