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  • Addiction

    Where does the addiction start

    In your own home

    Or when you head to the bars

    Does addiction start at schools, jobs or in the streets?

    Do you really know where those drugs come from?

    Do you realize there will be a bad out come?

    Having this addiction will ruin your family and your life

    These drugs are just pure poison

    Next thing you know you will be hearing voices

    Its time for you to get help

    And take control of your health

    Its time to take the final step

    By calling and asking for help

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    Well stated Tonysp.


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      That's good advice Tonysp!


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        The number of addicts increases every year, so alcoholism is considered one of the main problems of modern society. Every year there is a dry January campaign, which is an incentive for many to reduce the presence of alcohol in their lives. Alcohol damages the central nervous system and subsequently causes changes in the internal organs. After trying a sober, healthy lifestyle, many realize that sobriety is possible after Dry January. Giving up alcohol is easier if you set clear goals for yourself and don't forget about the rewards.
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          thats true, always get help and I think remember people forget they are the most important part of it all. good write!