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    I will spare you the flattery of glory
    I will spare you the gist of glamour
    I will tell ordinary peoples stories
    People with that hint of humour

    The path I tread my heavy feet stomp
    Covering footprints of those before
    Trod with dignity without pomp
    Won't forget they lead and their lore

    There is the fox and boxing champ
    Took things forward gave us a chance
    They are celebrated in our camp
    But takes an army to advance

    Ordinary people I can see marching
    Raised funds that improve my life
    Though my being health overarching
    I will not deny their strife

    My ten years give me insight
    But I have not walked in their shoes
    Ones who walk closer to the night
    I have more treatments to use

    I pay my dues and to them respect
    It is the least I can offer
    My memories archived no neglect
    Others filled the warchests coffers

    Words still can be your asset
    When you can, please communicate
    Hear your voice see your facets
    I tell them, always worth the wait

    It is my turn to take the lead
    It is my turn to sign the way
    A pioneer the future needs
    A pioneer my part I play

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    Hello Parkinsonspoet, A beautiful poem laden well with the admirable traits of dignity and respect. A pioneer yourself in the art of poetic adventure, you do indeed play your part and do so with flair, finesse and honesty. Well done indeed. Regards, Tony


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      Jon, you've walked the walk and can certainly talk the talk. Your life experience well documented here as you relate to the pioneer..


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        You are an extraordinary wordsmith.


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          lunar glide Tony Grannell Bobby Del Boy Thank you all for the kind feedback. In the lsat 6 months I have been posting some poems on Creative Corner on the Parkinsons UK forum and came across a lady poet who has been posting there for a while and was diagnosed over 20 years ago.She writes poems,sells, booklets of poems to raise money for Parkinson's uk but is truggling now. Pioneera is a tribute eo her and others