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My Battle with Socks

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  • My Battle with Socks

    In our house I do the laundry,
    some might feel I’ve crossed a boundary?
    Even iron ‘cause I can,
    Modern or a Lesser Man?

    Biggest battles are with socks,
    leads me to internal talks.
    In nice pairs into the hamper,
    then from there they seem to scamper.

    Tried mesh bags but went nowhere,
    when tangled with her underwear.
    Now each cycle socks don’t match,
    wish a break that I could catch.

    Why can’t they all get along,
    and play nice where they belong?
    Perhaps I should just make a fuss,
    and start up “Socks Anonymous.”

  • #2
    Bob, This is a beautiful and fantastic poem! I love your musings, but you have taken this issue to another level. I don't know where socks hide. It is a great mystery.


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      Thank you - they seem to end up in the strangest places!


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        Here is my solution. Buy them all in the same color - some dark, some light - and never worry about exact pairing up again. I one gets lost, just hang onto it until another does the same and you have a brand new pair.

        You are right on the money though.


        • #5
          We have that to some extent but then some socks end up larger than other ones. In the summer my wife prefers bare feet so that solves most of the problem. Nylons are another rhyme.