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  • Flo's Rosie Love Affair

    Unlike some here in the Zone, I have only been writing poetry for maybe three years? Here's one for my wife who I affectionately call "Fidgety Flo" It all started for me at 3 in the morning one sleepless night when my wife had been tossing and turning. I said to her "will you stop being such a Fidgety Flo!" In bed, I started dictating my first poem based off that statement. Is it a master piece? No, but my Flo-ems are near and dear to my heart as they gave me my start to the best years of my life. Love poetry!.

    Fidgety Flo-ws as she thinks of the rose
    as it grows on this bright sunny day.
    The grass will be greener, our bodies leaner
    as we walk winter pounds away.

    Hibernation no longer, our spirits stronger
    it's time to go out and play.
    Red Robins in the grass, longer days come to pass,
    while we picnic and swim in the bay.

    Fidgety Flo-ws as she sprinkles the hose
    on the flowers we planted today.
    The warm weather's here, barbecues and beer,
    so happy the sky isn't gray.

    Fidgety Flo-ws and Lord how she knows
    how happy we are today.
    It's time to have fun, love affairs with the sun,
    while we lay by the pool and say,
    Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hoooooooray!

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    Well, now, that's just deee-lightful! It brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart with thoughts of spring. (Not an easy feat this morning as I watch smoke from the neighbouring chimneys rise straight up into -32 crystal blue skies!)

    Well done, Bobby! A truly enjoyable piece!


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      Ah yes - the beauty of faithful love amidst the beauty of nature. Win/win Bobby - spring is around the corner - though outdoor pools will have to wait while in this neck of the woods!


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        Lovely! I like the back story you shared. It makes it even more special. Thank you for sharing such a sweet story!


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          pipersfancyRhymeLovingWriter LovesDaisies , this is at least three years old and I never posted here. It has special meaning and I'm happy to have shared with you all. I would love to hear your stories of poetry and beginnings while we're at it. Please share. Thanks ladies!
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            Love and grattitude have been in all of your poems since the beginning. Love it!


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              lunar glide thank you for being you. Yes, I am grateful for that too!


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                Both the story and the poem beautiful and warm the heart. A beautiful love story.


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                  rhymetime, thank you poet friend.


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                    Hello Bobby, Well, you are the romantic, nothing but bliss in this verse and oozing with the bliss of love. A love by any other name in a poem of joy. Well done indeed. Regards, Tony.