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(juvenile hall) : a vin decis eterna void

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  • (juvenile hall) : a vin decis eterna void

    moving up through the rungs
    in accordance with good behavior
    i remember being locked up
    and let out
    to watch tv

    it was a good waste of time
    to be let out of that cell
    filled with ghosts & hours

    ...if i was just lying to myself.
    The show was Lost
    and so were we
    dull in juvenile hall as they watched

    me, trying the make sense
    of whatever i saw, them behind
    black glass mirrored
    muffled voices and squeaky floors

    my life of corners within corners
    trying to enjoy artificial light
    as my veins ran up and through the walls
    pulsing growing beating inside

    pounding child fists
    half there, half no where
    dreaming of the night outside
    which emptied with dust

    me looking out of the milky windows
    lights barely. still in there
    even now the sterility inspires cement
    to harden

    where they might greet you
    (if you've been there before)
    and shut you back into wait

    nice, delusional, christmas
    heretics, a symptom, mantic
    teenage shoelace suicide
    books snuck under the door at night

    and now im not even myself
    after reading all them
    i hear the disjointed voices fold
    into my pillow they turned

    and now dinner's not worth waiting for
    and i counted up and down
    screamed all your names silently
    and they check my room

    which is clean, pristine,
    so i accumulate points
    for society
    or debt for myself

    to watch tv and pretend
    i can touch them behind the glass
    or to be free
    set into the morning

    where change pranced around
    in my clothes
    lucky me with promises to keep
    romantic in my own way

    nullified, deviant, plucked,
    rose-red sun running around the wheel
    as i came back to fresh air
    i can touch them behind the glass

    because the monster is created
    to kill the aberration
    i can lick your fingerprints
    when they take mine

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    Held me from start to finish. An extraordinary depiction of incarceration, amenOra; a tour de force of vivid imagery and insight. Top drawer.


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      Very nice piece amenOra! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ


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        thanks, guys, I wrote this years ago, was checking old stuff...
        I am glad you enjoyed!


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          The pace and diction in this is extraordinary!
          You really captivate the reader creating not just a visual sense, but the mood and tone.

          Excellent. Truly great!


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            They bring the young ladies in an old blue bus. Weed eaters buzz, the yellow jackets at work. I always wondered what they were thinking.


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              since we reminisce, i was always good at finding a way to peek at the clock from my room ... theres a certain art to being placed, amd remembering your spot, so that you Could see the clock when you needed that reassurance, comfort, etc.

              they have pizza parties behind the mirrors and probably love their jobs lol. i really enjoyed when we watched lord of the rings ... spanned them all across a few days.



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                You most certainly write in your own way and it is excellent.


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                  Wow. I'm late to the queue, but was also captivated by your words here. Very well done.