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Hail to the Chief!

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  • Hail to the Chief!

    Find golden gates to bar,
    dim the light of ramparts star.
    The stripes of yesteryear remove,
    the echoed ancient bards reprove.
    The masses huddled cry in vain,
    compassion's since muted refrain.
    The sullied reputation scar,
    send reason to the abattoir.
    The narcissistic glory's hound,
    while yonder bitterness abound.
    For shining city torches blacken,
    the darker legacies to beckon.
    Is not our shame,
    we did inter?
    Now find the hooded brood
    to stir.
    Hail, to the chief's
    ignominious reign,
    he'll make America
    hate again.

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    Sad but unfortunately true Dwayne. God help us!


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      Oh, he's just the latest in a chain. Unfortunately we have no all-wise and unerring gods to elect, so we must settle for mere mortals. Nothing new under the sun.


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        He's doing exactly what he gave every indication he would do. The other choice was little better. War is looming.


        • DWAYNE
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          The true monsters loom in our lesser nature. I fear, you are correct!

        • divot
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          It was only a matter of time
          That which whispers in the dark
          In moonlight shadow standing
          Eyes strain to see the face
          Conflict immanent
          Only the written word
          To dark to read